“Social media”-fear of elite parents

Internet presence of their offspring makes some American politicians and businessmen nervous

It has been a long time since there was any talk of adolescents fighting with their parents, especially their fathers. Rather the opposite, the best understanding between parents and children, which in many table talks and some feature articles is almost emphasized as a characteristic phenomenon of the younger generation.

With blogs, MySpace, Facebook and the like "social media"-forums, which are popular among the younger generation, the current generation of teenagers and twens has new opportunities to present their opinions, views of life, culture and lifestyle to the outside world and to make their own positions clear.

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Lithium gives up its resistance under pressure

Historical imperative of superconductivity disproved

In the current ie of the scientific journal Nature, Japanese physicists report on their discovery that lithium becomes superconducting under high prere.

Superconductivity, the transport of electric current without resistance, continues to cause surprises in the scientific world. One of the leading researchers in this field is currently in free fall because of accusations of manipulation, since data and experiments could not be reconstructed (cf. Science has already been fooled), and here comes the next piece of dumbfounding news again.

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War of the search engines?

Microsoft’s secret flirt with Google

The delight for secret negotiations between Microsoft and Google do not want to silence. Now the renowned New York Times reported that there have been a potential participation between Microsoft and Google for two months a possible involvement or even a complete use of the search engine company through the RedMonder software concert. At the same time, the taught, Google gone to the borse beginning at the beginning of the next year.

Already at the end of August, Sergey Brin, one of the two Google’s land, which network world with the explanation puts in turmoil, he stands a consideration offered by Microsoft not fundamentally rejecting opposite. At the same time, he also considered the possibility of a boron.

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Libya: reactions to the is-rachemassaker in sirte

Libya: reactions to the Is-Rachemassaker in Sirte

Is-Milizionar in Libya; Propaganda photo

The government in the east of the country demands a military intervention of the Arab League

Last Monday, IS-Milizen, according to press reports Khaled Al-Forjani, the Imam of the Cordoba Mosque of the Libyan city Sirte, known as the birthplace of the 2011 Keeper Muammar Gaddafi. Al-Forjani had preached several times against Island, who has been under control since June. Forjani is referred to as a preacher of a Salafistic circuit that pronounces the IS ideology.

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Huawei: new sportswartwatches in noble and angular

Huawei: New sportswartwatches in noble and angular

Huawei expands his assortment to Wearables about two new models: a pro-version of his sports smartwatch GT2 and its first model with angular display called "Huawei Watch Fit".

According to own information is the "Huawei Watch GT2 Pro" At the same time the most valuable Smartwatch, which Huawei has built so far – with titanium gang, 1.39-inch OLED display made of sapphire crystal and ceramic jerk. She will be on 2. October to the list price of 299 euros in two exports (sports and Classic) appear with different wrigers.

Who also entilled "Huawei Watch Fit" For 129 euros, from tomorrow’s Friday with its colorful design (in four colors), a weight of just 21 grams and a battery life of up to 10 days is inspired.

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Mountain view brakes the new, futuristic headquarters of google

Like Facebook or Apple, Google also wants to set a sign with a new spectacular headquarters, but the city does not move with

Google wants to build his new headquarters in the Californian Mountain View, where the current headquarters are already settled. Google is the large taxpayer and employer of the city. The coarse internet and tech corporations are currently making a competition for the spectacular building that has the most in the future. Facebook, Apple or Google do not want to be through high as the "old" Corporate corporations, but by green architecture, open space and an architectural redefinition of how to take place under flat hierarchical structures under flat hierarchical structures.

Plan for the new Google headquarters. Screenshoot from the YouTube_Video from Google.

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Everything new makes september

It has changed something after the 11.9.: the left

For the first anniversary of the Connector in the United States, the question is thrilled to discuss whether and what is after the 11.September has changed. Critical Impetus has dedicated a three-day congress of this question at the Technical University Berlin (TU).

The claim of the congress preparer was high.

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What actually happens when school is out and apprenticeships are to begin?

assisted education can also help young people with difficult life backgrounds to get an education. However, the model is rarely used

The fear of entrepreneurs is crude. According to a discussion paper by the Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM), demographic change will strike relentlessly from 2030 onward. From then on, they will have six million fewer people of working age at their disposal. The demand of the entrepreneurs is simple: in the schools of the country the children must be better prepared for their professional life. A proposal that certainly has hand and fub. But what actually happens when school is over and the apprenticeship is supposed to begin?

According to the 2013 training report by the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB), just two-thirds of all young people in a given year receive an apprenticeship. The rest of them are parked in a transitional system in the hope that they will eventually get a chance.

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Version management: gitlab 14.1 advanced the connection to kubernetes

Version Management: GITLAB 14.1 extends the connection to Kubernetes

One month after the last major version, GITLAB now has version 14.1 The version management platform published. The innovations are found primarily in the commercial variants and destinations, inter alia, on the connection to Kubernetes. Other assessments such as Test Coverage requirements at Merge Requests are aimed at qualitaire arance.

Tunnel to Kubernetes

The connection to Kubernetes already had Gitlab in version 13.11 improved. Since then, the GITLAB-KUBERNETES agent has dwelled around the pull-based distribution of software and the integration of network security specifications. Now the platform expands integration to the CI / CD processes (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) via Gitlab Runners. A CI / CD tunnel sags to their connection to the Kubernetes cluster and uses the Gitlabubernetes agent for that. With this, the opening of the firewall for the cluster is released.

Also on the interaction with Kubernetes aims to integrate helmet charts. Helmet is a package manager for Kubernetes, and Gitlab’s package registry takes up helmet packages next to the packages of other package managers or formats such as NPM, Nuget, Pypi, Maves and Composer. While the CI / CD tunnel is reserved for the commercial variants, helmet charts can also be created in the free variant of Gitlab, unoppteen, share and manage.

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Model construction keyboard converted: synthesizer in retro look

Model construction keyboard converted: Synthesizer in retro look

Granted – the tones that come from this crest are rather shredded. The model building synthesizer is convinced with its original appearance and clever use of old technology. Because his six buttons belonged to a controller, with which originally model railways of the East German manufacturer of Berlin TT railways were controlled. With photowood, LEDs and an oscillator circuit, the Berlin Bastler Marc has built an interactive instrument, which is just in the original box.

The basis of the synthesizer is a small circuit with a hex-schmitt trigger, which we in make 1/18, from S. 48 have been exempt. The chip contains six identical circuits that can be used to generate six different tones and thus fits perfectly with the keyboard. Practically, he contracts between 3 and 18 volts and always supplies defined output signals: rectangular vibrations, one of the basic forms of sound generation. The frequency of the vibrations is determined by the built-in capacitors and resistors. With the transfer of the keys of the resource, set whether power flees or not. The Tonhohe (Respective Frequency) is wandering about the photo descripts that react to brightness differences. Six LEDs are specifically visually indicating which Tone just sound.

Model construction synthesizer

Model construction keyboard converted: Synthesizer in retro look

Test construction of the circuit on a breadboard

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